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Your comfort
is our standard.

Nova Taxi combines many years of management experience, the ability to adapt
to rapidly changing market trends and the reliability of professional drivers.

We are guided by the motto:
„Your comfort is our standard”.

Our mission is to provide services at the highest European level so that each of our clients feels special with us.
Our operators and drivers provide their knowledge about hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues and
tourist attractions in the Tri-City.



- card assigned to the application
- cashless service
- blik
- cash


- 15% discount for the course through the app
- through our website
- by Whatsapp
- by phone 8-0:00


Initial fee PLN 9
Zone I / Zone II Mon - Fri 9-14:30
from 3,5 PLN / 5.5 PLN
Zone I / Zone II Mon- Fri 6-9 and 14:30-18
from 4,0 PLN / 6.0 PLN
Zone I / Zone II Mon - Fri 18-22
from 3,5 PLN / 5.5 PLN
Zone I / Zone II Mon- Fri 22-6
from 5.0 PLN / 7.5 PLN
Zone I / Zone II night hours and holidays
5.0 PLN / 7,5 PLN


- monitored transport of children
- VIP transport
- transport of animals
- ordering shopping through phone
- individual orders

– combi +15 zł
– bus +30 zł
– courier delivery +25 zł
– monitored transport of children – no extra payment
– a specific car from PLN 50
– delivery of the car, price of the course x3
– starting the car with jumping cables +30 PLN
– shopping +50 PLN
– pet +10 PLN (Boston Terriers no additional payments)
– VIP and individual transport – after contacting kontakt@novataxi.eu
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Zone I - the borders of Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia
Zone II - outside Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia
Night hours from 22:00 to 6:00
50 PLN for an hour of parking

The above prices are exclusive of multipliers.

The multiplier depends on the number of orders at a given time, traffic or peak hours.

our app!

Thanks to our app, you can easily order Nova Taxi!

The app is very intuitive and allows you to order a taxi without any problems.

Download and enjoy the comfort of our services!


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